Mary Queen of Scots Tour

A young Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots by William Segar

Scottish Clan Chief Lord Sempill

No Scottish monarch is as well-known as Mary Queen of Scots. She is the endless subject of both fiction writers and historians. Her life and reign have been well recorded, and fortunately for us, many of the places at which she stayed or resided are still here today, nearly 500 years later.

I have created this 3 day tour, for those who are interested in visiting these historic properties, and who would like to know more about Mary, her reign and sixteenth century Scotland.

I also have a strong personal interest in her, as my family was actively involved in the royal court and the politics of the day. Robert, the 3rd Lord Sempill, was involved in many of the key events of her reign. As a Catholic, he had been one of Mary’s strong supporters, but ended up opposing her on the field of battle. His second son, John, married Mary Livingston, one of the 4 Marys, her ladies in waiting, so often referred to by historians and novelists.

Mary’s legacy as Queen of Scots would have disappeared into obscurity were it not for the many mysteries which turned her life story into one of the most tragic reigns in Scotland’s history.

Jamie Sempill, the 21st Lord Sempill